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PulseVU 2

This device pulses any LEDs you connect to it with the beat of the music coming from your console and can also slowly fade your LEDs. This device also works on the Nintendo Wii's lightbar around the disk slot.

17 different modes allow you to set your LEDs to the VU mode, fader, dim, solid on, off, or any combination of those. Change modes easily by using an existing button on your console, rather than opening your console each time or installing another switch. A Quick Disable feature lets you quickly turn off your LEDs and then quickly turn them back on at a later time.

The PulseVU 2 controls up to 360mA (~18 LEDs), or purchase a Power Extender to add an additional 3Amps of power (~150 more LEDs).

The PulseVU 2 now has a simpler install for Wii, has a much smaller, simplified design, and now works on Wii even if you don't have WiiConnect24 enabled

This device is able to calibrate to the audio of nearly any target device, allowing it to be installed in practically any console, PC, or anything else with a 3V-5V power source. For use in the Xbox360 however, we recommend the PulseVU 2X.

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