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Power Extender

This is an attachment for the PulseVU 2, PulseVU 2X, or SICKmods Fader, which adds up to an additional 3Amps* of power for controlling multiple** LEDs. Still not enough power?? Add more Power Extenders! As long as the power supply (or supplies) can handle the power, you can keep adding Extenders to connect LEDs to the PulseVU 2/2X/Fader.

*The amount of current that can be supplied is also limited by your power supply. Please check the rating on your PSU to make sure it can handle the amount of LEDs you plan to use.

**3Amps of 20mA LEDs, wired in parallel, equals 150 LEDs. When wired in series, you can add even more LEDs.

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