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LED Fader Deluxe

This device will fade your Xbox eject ring while your system is off and can also fade any additional LEDs you connect to it. It is important to note that this will not fade the ring of light in an Xbox360 and there are certain limitations for v1.0-1.5 Xboxes.

The LED Fader Deluxe has 4 different modes too choose from, which alters how your LEDs are controlled, depending on if your system is turned on or off.

  • Mode 1 (Default): Fade when off; Solid on when on.
  • Mode 2: Fade when off; Off when on.
  • Mode 3: Off when off; Fade when on.
  • Mode 4: Fade when off; Fade when on.
  • LP: This pad will always fade when off then turn off when the system turns on.

Please read for more info on the LED Fader Deluxe before purchasing.

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